yes yes yes sou's stuff- art and music!

:*✧ whuh ✧*:

if you're on this tab, you're probably looking for the art!
these were made in firealpaca over many very stressful hours of suffering ^^ have a nice stay

✧✧pictured: goretober eyestrain✧✧

Dreamwalker Goretober Eyestrain < br />

✧✧pictured: cake bros (old)✧✧

Rollcake and Pancake

✧✧pictured: wind archer✧✧

Wind Archer Cookie

✧✧pictured: sou hiyori and kanna kizuchi✧✧

Your Turn To Die Chapter 2 Main Game
project name time taken
eyestrain 45min
cake bros i don't remember sorry
wind archer 40min
sou & kanna 1.5hr